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Where do I begin?

There is a lot to consider when beginning a construction project. The first thing is your budget. Whether you are paying in cash or financing through a lender, you need to know what you can afford. Determine this early on so you can better budget your project and selections throughout the building process. The lot will most likely be your next decision, as it is easier to find a plan to suit the location than vice versa. Consider any utilities for land with acreage, as these could be significant costs. Also consider the community – any association requirements or rules that may affect your home, and whether or not your desired home would fit the area you are interested in. Finally, find a plan. This can be achieved in multiple ways. You can buy plans from a book or off the internet. Often these come as is and are not easily changed. You can choose to work with an architect to draw a completely custom set of plans. Or you can opt to do a design-build with Bartlett Construction. We offer complete in-house design services. We will take your home needs and translate them into home plans. We will sit down with you and revise the design until it is everything you imagined. A detailed description of the building process is available (link to building process video).

How long will construction take?

A typical home construction can take anywhere from four months to eight months or more. The length of construction can only be estimated on a home by home basis and can change based on the size and finishes.

What is design-build?

Design-build is an in-house design approach between you and Bartlett Construction. We will take your home needs and translate them into home plans. We we go through stages of revisions until the final plans have been finalized and meet your home wants and needs.

Will my addition add value to my home?

Well planned and well executed additions and remodels can mostly be passed down to future owners. Certain projects will add more value than others but all improvements to a home will add value.

What will my project cost?

Your home cost will be itemized for you in the contract specifications. We define a list of budgeted allowances based on your home plans and discussed finishes. The exact cost of your home is determined by the site location and fixed costs through specifications plus your allowance selections.

What are allowances?

Allowances are budgeted selections for your home, such as cabinets, flooring, windows, etc. We carefully determine reasonable budgets for a laundry list of items in your home based on your price point, square footage, community and more. These budgets are your allowances. Throughout the building process you will need to shop for and select these items for your home.

Where can I make my selections?

Bartlett Construction will offer you list of vendors that we typically work with at the beginning of construction. You can choose to work these vendors and suppliers or you may go elsewhere to make your allowance selections.

What are change orders?

A change order is any change that you make to the project after the contract has been signed that does not fall into an allowance category. Such changes can include, making a room larger, increasing the ceiling height, or changing the exterior finish material. If it is not too late in the construction process; changes like these will be made upon your request, but be billed to you as the changes are made.

Do you offer client references?

Yes. To protect our clients’ privacy, all names and addresses that appear on our website have been changed, but we will happily offer a list of past clients upon request. We encourage you to speak with our clients to learn more about the building process and why you should choose Bartlett Construction to build your next home.

Contact us today for more information?