Bartlett Construction Testimonials

Kevin and his Bartlett Construction team delivered the best renovation experience and results for us in 2014 Our renovation touched almost every room in the house with window replacements, a new foyer, extended screened in porch, and moving a powder room out of the kitchen. His team was courteous, respectful of our furnishings, and very skilled at all phases of renovation.  The craftsmen he brought were up to each challenge.  We are very pleased with the results. We would definitely give Kevin a call for the next home improvement.

Mike and Paula Spinner

Val and I would like to thank you for building our dream house in record time. Even though this was our “first rodeo”, you made it easy to stay on the horse from beginning to end. We were impressed by your ability to help us anticipate decisions and choices so that there was little to no down time during the project.
We especially appreciate your creativity and your finishing touches. We know that we put you through some difficult requests and you handled them with calm and expertise. Best of all, you brought the whole thing in right on budget.
Please give our praise to your crew, who were friendly and helpful, didn’t mind us looking over their shoulder, and gave us every confidence that they would do whatever we asked.
We would be happy to recommend you in person to any and all new clients since we are very happy with the final result and with the process every step along the way.
We wish you all the best in the future and please feel free to show our house to new clients who are wondering what they can expect from you and your work.

John W. Roberts, MD

Valerie J. Roberts, RN

We would like to share with you our experiences with Kevin Bartlett, Brian Zaletel, and the rest of their team. In Winter Park Florida, Phil Crosby has what is called The Quality College. The purpose of the seminars are to re-educate business managers on the definition of quality. It’s so simple. Quality is defined as conformance to the requirements. Again, so simple. At Bartlett Construction it has evolved naturally.
The Bartlett team consists of individuals teams, all with the same objective-to provide goods and services to meet or exceed their customers expectations. Based on the requirements of their clients the team anticipates and provides various choices (quality vs. cost and luxury) The teams don’t like to leave any “stones unturned.” Thus the customers have plenty of choices.
The Bartlett crews remain loyal to the team. They know each other. They know what is expected and what they can expect. They have strong customer service relationships. When asked how they liked the management team, their reply was, “They are good workers. They work with us.” It’s been a We win, You win opportunity.
To the Bartlett teams, a big thank you for super service and most of all a great finish. It’s not too often that you get a win-win situation. Thanks again.

The Nesters

Building a home is an experience most people always remember with either good or bad feelings about the experience. The Bartlett Construction team, made our experience one that was very pleasurable, with a great outcome. We are very happy with our new home and are looking forward to great years here.Rita and I want to thank you for your valuable input and attention to detail. Your dedication and guidance helped us to get a product that we will enjoy for years to come.

Spencer & Rita Roberts

One may say this correspondence is somewhat late as our house was completed nearly a year ago. I wanted to take this much time to see if any unexpected issues would arise and how you and your Company would react in the world of “service after sale.”
As I may have mentioned before, Francoise and I have bought several houses, most of them new, as a result of my work and several moves in Canada and here in the US. Unfortunately, the large majority of those experiences were not very positive. Generally speaking, I can say that buying new houses and dealing with Builders has been painful, stressful, and at times confrontational.
Understandably so, buying a new house was not an option when we decided to permanently live in this area. Well, I guess we are not good learners and surprisingly, we did it again!
This time, however, with no regret or after thought whatsoever. We are delighted with our decision and with this house which has been the recipient of many compliments. We have found you and your people to be quality oriented, with the desire to deliver a product you will be proud of, responsive and attentive to our needs and expectations, paying a great deal of attention to details and above all, doing everything you can for customer satisfaction.

Lastly, I wish to thank you for the pride and care you provide to your craft for the benefit of your Customers.
Best of Luck!

Marcel Trepanier

Bartlett Construction helped make our dream become a reality with an addition and updates throughout our home.  Kevin and his crew put together a fantastic floor plan and made valuable suggestions.  With a new master bedroom, walk-in closet, spa-like master bath and updated laundry, our old home feels like a brand new house!  They finished the task on time and within budget and kept up excellent communications throughout the project.  We couldn’t have asked for a better construction team!

Stephen and Jean Clark

The Bartlett Construction team was a pleasure to work with.  Our home renovation exceeded our expectations.  From design to delivery, every aspect was like watching our dream come true.  I’d highly recommend Bartlett Construction!  We were informed about the process as it took place and the outcome was worth it!

Carmen and Faith Morreale

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