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What is Green Design?

Green design

… is skillful and sensitive design aimed to reduce or eliminate any negative impact on the environment.  The ideal green design is one that requires no non-renewable resources and has minimal impact on the natural environment, including the land, water and energy.  Green construction is mindful and respectful of the world around where it is built and its operation is the healthiest for that environment while being the most energy efficient.

Features of Green Design We Use Everyday


Sealed Crawl Spaces

Sealed Crawl Spaces reduce moisture, mold, and rot. They protects a home’s comfort and air quality from outside temperatures and air contaminants. Sealed crawl spaces allow an average of 15% costs savings. Eliminates odor, less movement & buckling with hardwood floors, increases home value.

Sealed Crawl Spaces NC

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is less susceptible to airborne moisture, pollutants and allergens. Icynene spray foam is healthier, quieter and more energy efficient. Spray foam can reduce energy costs up to 50% versus conventional insulation.

Green Construction Aberdeen NC

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are durable and efficient. They stabilize temperature fluctuations while boosting performance of flow rate. Water heating bills are lower because there is no pilot light. As a result, one can save about half the cost of regular water heaters since there is no re-heating of water.

Tankless Water Heaters NC

Radiant Barriers

Radiant barriers are installed (mostly) in the attic of homes. This reduces heat transfer by thermal radiation across air space between the roof deck and the attic floor. It is accepted by the Department of Energy that installing radiant barrier in the attic can reduce heat gain through the ceiling by up to 42%. This reduced heat load can result in savings of up to 17% on cooling utility bills.

Green Construction Pinehurst

Direct Vent Fireplaces

Vented fireplaces provide clean air without any possibility of indoor pollution. Double pipe allows for gas to escape while other pipe allows fresh air in. In addition, vented fireplaces provide an excellent source of heat because of its efficiency rating of 80%.Green Construction Southern Pines

High SEER Dual Fuel HVAC with Programmable Thermostat

This particular HVAC system above is a 15 seer dual fuel variable speed air handler. This system offers a 33% savings among your heating and cooling monthly bill. Along with the HVAC system comes a programmable thermostat.

Green Build Pinehurst

NC Programmable Thermostat

Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

Low flow plumbing fixtures save substantial amounts of water compared to conventional fixtures. Low flow toilets could save up to 22,000 gallons of water in a year for a family of four. The new technology allows the same pressure with less water

Green Build Southern Pines NC

LED Lighting

LED, or light emitting diode, is a form of light with increasing popularity.  The life of these lamps is three times that of the antiquated incandescent lamp and do not take time to warm up like that of the fluorescent lamps.  They emit roughly 100 lumens per watt; giving them a remarkably bright light output for their compact size.  Their life expectancy is not hindered by frequently be powered on and off like the fluorescent bulbs of today.  The variety of LEDs continue to increase with their increasing demand in the market, and LEDs are no longer just integrated into a fixture, but available for purchase to replace most all of your standard household bulbs.

Led Lighting

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating has been utilized for centuries.  It consists of harvesting the naturally occurring heat from the ground.  Just below the surface, the distance is determined by region, the earth stays warms  due to the natural decay of radioactive minerals and the absorption of solar energy on the surface.  Construction methods today, take advantage of this by running water pipes into the ground to naturally heat the water that flows through them.  This system saves on water bills and energy bills, and proves to be a very efficient method.

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